Summer Comic!!

Team MAJR, a comic by yours truly

My Webtoon, Team MAJR, is about a group of teenagers on their way to brave a new school year, but with a thrilling action packed twist!! In this world, a group of licensed individuals called “Hunters” roam the world in search of monsters known as Wicked, and almost everyone loves the Hunter title! These teenagers have decided to pursue this career, but it will be more challenging than they think!! At this time (8/26/2020), the comic is currently on hiatus, but feel free to catch up for it’s triumphant return on January 6th 2021!!!

Car in Street with Filter and Vibrancy

Using both the Photo Filter Layer and the Vibrancy Layer, I was able to color correct the image from the (duller) blues to the vibrant and colorful warm oranges you see in the second image. Also, since that pesky layer mask was in the way, I deactivated said mask and choose a warm color from the original image to serve as the filter. Afterwards, I created a vibrancy layer to bring more color to the image, and viola.

Teeth Whitening

Using both the lasso tool and the Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer, I isolated the teeth from the background and created the Adjustment layer to fiddle with the saturation and lightness to create teeth even the tooth fairy would drool over

*sounds of breaking glass*

Oh god, she’s here! This might be my last message, so whatever you do, don’t pouihhjkjkjkhdfJKBJWGrjkr

*sounds of struggle*


yUo hAVe nIcEE TeeThh

Photo Correction

To color correct this image, we went to the curves adjustment layer and changed the automatic adjustment button’s default to Find Light and Dark Areas, then applied the effects. Once we had done so, we toyed around with contrast and brightness, seeing which colors should be more prominent and vice versa. This was a very transformative experience, as we had not known about this before, and the usefulness of the tool was revieled to us in the light of color correction. Yay

Photography Assignment

Using the recently learned techniques that we have discussed in class, I was able to extract 12 pictures using the methods given from our little photography trip. I attempted to use lines in the photos to direct the eyes towards where I wanted the audience to look, such as the curved wall in the 4th picture, or the road within the 7th. Also, when keeping the rule of thirds in mind, I found myself paying better attention to how objects in the frame related to one another, and from there I believe I took beautiful photos that mesmerize the eye, and bring it along throughout the journey. Summary? This was fun  🙂

Character Animator- 12-14

Using the information in the tutorials, I can now play with and experiment with the individual starting puppets. This will assist me in creating new and more complex puppets that can explore the limits of how character creation works, or just skim the edge of it and only us the template as a goal. I don’t know, inspiration helps in the long run.